Cosmo Club Chennai

Originally set up to provide a platform for Indians and Europeans to meet, the Cosmo Club remains a cultural touchstone in Chennai. Filter coffee, Carnatic music concerts, and afternoon siestas remain cherished traditions.

In a recent case, the 125-year-old Cosmo Club was directed by Madras high court to pay 25 crore as interim lease arrears to the Tamil Nadu government.


Located on the illustrious Mount Road in Chennai, the Cosmo Club is a must-visit on your to do list. Founded in 1873, the club has been around for the better part of a century. The best time to visit is during the weekday lunch hours when most of the city’s business folk are out and about. There’s no doubt that the opulent oh fancy foxy club is a great place to unwind, network and enjoy some of the city’s best food and booze. It’s not just the ladies that will be chowing it up, but the males of the tribe are out in force as well.


Cosmo Club Chennai has been a part of the city’s social life since its inception in 1873. Founded by members who boasted of the who’s who of Madras, it soon gained a reputation as an affluent and prestigious Club catering to the social needs of its members.

The Club was a meeting place for the rich and prominent of Madras, who came together to enjoy social intercourse with their European counterparts. Among the early membership were Viceroys of the East India Company, members of the judiciary, eminent jurists, industrialists and other dignitaries.

Despite the changing times, the Club continues to thrive with members ranging from upper and middle class to affluent socialites. They are mainly lawyers, industrialists, businessmen and government officers.

Although it is a 125-year-old club, Cosmo still retains its old world charm. The Mowbray’s cupola and grand octagonal dome are a reminder of the past, along with the ancient bar that still serves rum and whisky.

However, the city’s Cyclone Vardah has left gaping holes in the compound and bare patches on the leafy view from the first-floor library. The site is also home to a number of heritage clubs that meet regularly for discussions on Tamil history, archeology, art and inscriptions.

The club recently had a legal dispute with the Tamil Nadu Golf Federation. The federation was planning to construct a club house on the Club’s golf course and asked the Madras High Court for an interim order restraining it from doing so.

The Club has also been directed by the court to pay 25 crore as interim lease arrears to the state government. The Madras High Court ordered this after deciding that the club had occupied 77.7 acres of prime land on Anna Salai and was entitled to fair rent for it.


Cosmo Club Chennai is one of the oldest clubs in Chennai and has a long history. It was set up in 1873 as a mixed club where Indians and the British could meet on an equal footing.

It was founded by prominent Indians in the city. Tagore, Gandhi, Rajendra Prasad and VV Giri were among the members.

Unlike many clubs in Chennai, this club was jointly managed by Indians and the British. It was opened to women and there was no’strict’ dress code.

In the early years, it was a’mixed’ club but the European element left by 1890. The club’s president was always a retired judge or government official.

As the Club grew, it added a swimming pool, billiard tables and even a library to its list of facilities. It also introduced new sports like Shikar, pig-sticking and boar hunting.

A coffee-table book about the club released in 2009 has a good collection of interesting anecdotes from its history. Besides sports, the club also had sub-secretaries for paper-chasing and trap-shooting.

The membership fee at the Cosmopolitan Club is Rs 10 lakh. It also offers a children’s quota and corporate memberships. There is an interview process where committee members meet prospective members.

There are also a number of special interest groups for smaller gatherings. Wine Tasting, Art Around Town, Canasta, Cooking and Baking, Mah Jongg, Yoga, Book Clubs, Language Tables and a Film Studies group are some of the activities offered at the club.

Clubs can be a good way to get involved in a community, especially if you have interests that you can express. However, it is important to remember that not all clubs are worth joining. You should consider your interests and the level of commitment you can offer before signing up for a club.


Cosmo Club Chennai offers a variety of facilities to its members. Some of them include a library, a bowling alley and a swimming pool. In addition, the Club also has a number of restaurants and bars.

The library is one of the most popular features of the Club and it boasts of an impressive collection of books in various genres. In addition, it also boasts of an extensive reference section and the latest literature from all over the world.

This is in addition to the club’s main function, which is to provide a comfortable space for its members to unwind. In fact, it has a dedicated area for its members and they can also enjoy discounts on a variety of services, including bowling, spa treatments, and travel.

Founded in 1873, Cosmo Club was created to accommodate Indians and English on an equal footing, unlike earlier clubs like the Madras Club, which were exclusive to Europeans. Today, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs in India.

In fact, it is known to have hosted some of the city’s most important figures. Among its most distinguished visitors are Mahatma Gandhi, Netaji Subash Chandra Bose and Jawaharlal Nehru.

Even after a few years of renovations, Cosmo Club still remains one of the city’s premier entertainment hubs. Its fine dining, superb sports facilities and residential accommodation have won the hearts of locals. But what really draws people to this particular club is its family atmosphere.


Founded in 1873, Cosmo Club Chennai is one of the oldest clubs in Chennai. It was originally established in Moore’s Gardens and moved to its present location in 1882.

It is renowned for its fine cuisine, superb sports facilities and residential accommodation. It has stayed at the forefront of the changes that have affected India’s most cosmopolitan city, Chennai.

The Cosmopolitan Club is a landmark on Mount Road, and its heritage structure has a colonial charm. It is also known for its signature dishes, including the Mutton Biriyani and Ceylonese Stuffed Chicken Paratha with Mutton Curry.

While many people come to the club for its excellent food, it is also a popular meeting place for friends and families. The restaurant has a great ambience and is well maintained.

Its location is convenient for people who are travelling from nearby areas. It has a good reputation and has been ranked as a top club in Chennai.

This is an excellent place to hang out with friends or family, and if you are a member, you can even bring your children as well! The food here is not very exciting but it’s good and it’s cheap.

The restaurant is clean and tidy, and the service is quite good despite being a little unfriendly. It is a little crowded on weekends, but it’s worth visiting.

The tussle between the Cosmopolitan Club and the Tamil Nadu Golf Federation over construction of a club house at the Nandanam golf course has ended after mediation. The court did not find any merit in the appeals preferred by the club against the federation’s decision.

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