Cheers Bar Chennai

If you are a fan of foot-tapping music, great cocktails and finger food, you must check out Cheers Bar Chennai. This pub has a lovely ambiance and offers amazing cocktails like Long Island Lemon Ice Tea and Desi Vodka Martini.

This bar is a cool destination to spend an evening with friends and colleagues. With an international vibe and pulsating music, it is one of the best clubs in Chennai!


When you go to a bar, you want to be treated to some delicious cocktails and mouthwatering food. And there are some amazing bars in Chennai that do just that!

Whether you are looking for an authentic Indian experience or something with a bit of a twist, these bars in Chennai have it all. They are perfect for a date, or just a fun night out with friends. You can even have your own private party here!

There are a variety of cuisines on the menu, including Indian, Mexican and American. You can also find some seafood options.

The restaurant’s main dish is the Maah Di Kali Dal – a black urad dal and rajma based stew with garlic, ginger and red chillies. It is a must try for all North Indians!

Annalakshmi has a reputation for serving some of the best South Indian and North Indian dishes in town. It is a great place for people who miss home made food.

This place is also known for its tandoori and paneer tikka dishes. They also have a great buffet menu for those who prefer to choose their own dishes.

Another popular dining spot in Chennai, the Copper Kitchen is known for its delicious tandoori and South Indian dishes. The food is incredibly tasty and the prices are also reasonable.

There are some good deals on their drinks as well, which is a big plus! They have a huge selection of wines, liquors and beers.

Besides their extensive alcohol collection, they also have an impressive list of cocktails, which you can try out at the bar. The Rum-Pom-Fun is a must-try, which is a refreshing blend of lemon grass, orange peel, pomegranate and white rum.

The Cilantro Margarita is a great drink to try out as well! The restaurant serves some amazing grilled foods and their desserts are a must-try as well.

For those who love to dance, there are several night pubs in Chennai that you can visit. Some of them are located near East Coast Road and are known for dazzling DJ Nights.

Alcoholic beverages

If you are a fan of alcoholic beverages, there is no shortage of options in Chennai. The city has a number of pubs and night clubs that offer a variety of drinks, including cocktails, wine, beer, and spirits. These establishments are also a great place to meet new people and have fun.

The best bars in Chennai are those that offer a unique ambiance and great food. Some are designed with stunning interiors, while others rock with music and delight the senses.

One of the best places to enjoy a drink is the Leather Bar, which features a classy ambiance and foot-tapping music. This club attracts a lot of party-lovers and is completely worth the price.

Besides cocktails and beer, The Leather Bar also offers non-alcoholic beverages for those who are sober. It has a number of DJs and live bands who play to a large crowd.

The Irish-themed property owned by ITC is another excellent option for nightlife in Chennai. It features an international vibe and is impeccably maintained. Its two resident DJs ensure that you never run out of music and dance.

Dublin is a popular Irish-themed bar that is known for its pleasant atmosphere, delicious cocktails, and chic decor. Its menu is extensive, with a range of specialty drinks, including Long Island Iced Tea and Desi vodka martini.

There are a number of other bars and restaurants in Chennai that serve great food and offer a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. These establishments are a great way to spend time with friends and family, or celebrate special occasions.

Whether you are planning to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion, Cheers Bar Chennai is the perfect venue. Their delicious menu of cocktails, small plates, and appetizers will make your night a memorable one.

Aside from a wide selection of alcohol, they also feature an extensive menu of dishes, including steaks and fresh seafood. They also have a rooftop bar with a great view of the city.

Located on Sathyadev Avenue, this bar is known for its vibrant nightlife and friendly service. It is a great option for those who want to start their night with a drink and then continue their pub/club hopping experience.

Outdoor seating

Cheers Bar Chennai is an excellent place to spend a night out with your friends. It offers a variety of alcoholic beverages and also has an al fresco area with lounge seating under cloth canopies.

This rooftop night pub has a DJ who spins some of the best mixes in the city. The dance floor gets filled up quickly as the night progresses and it is a popular destination for parties in Chennai.

The bar also serves a range of cocktails that are refreshing and tasty. The Classic Beer Margarita (Rs 550) and Metropolitan (Rs 550) are two of the house specialties that are worth trying at this bar.

You can also try their pineapple shots, which are a great way to end the night. You can also enjoy the panoramic views of Chennai from the rooftop.

A trendy addition to Chennai’s nightlife, Bay 146 is one of the most famous bars in the city. Their funky music and delicious food make it a popular choice for young adults. The stylish bar has both indoor and outdoor seats with pool views, and the spacious dance floor will ensure you have an amazing time.

It is a great place for people looking to have fun with friends or family, and the drinks and food here are also very affordable. You can choose from a wide range of cocktails, wines, shooters and coffee.

Known for its unique decor, this pub draws party goers with varied tastes. It hosts themed nights such as Ladies Night, Vintage Night and Karaoke Night. It is also known to serve the best Continental food in the city.

This pub exudes an aura of class with the plushest interiors and black leather floors. It also has the most vibrant dance floor in town and is frequented by a number of renowned DJs.

It also boasts of an extensive menu that includes both Indian and international cuisine. Some of the signature dishes include ajwaini fish, pan-fried chilli fish and lamb sheikh kebab.

It is one of the most popular restaurants in Chennai and has become a favourite amongst both locals and tourists. The menu features an extensive range of drinks, and the prices are very reasonable. The place has a vibrant atmosphere, and the staff is friendly and helpful. It is a good option for couples, too.

Happy hour

If you are looking for a place to party with friends, you can head to Cheers Bar Chennai. It is one of the top notch nightclubs in the city and offers delicious food, refreshing drinks and pulsating music.

You can visit this club anytime of the day to enjoy its fun-filled atmosphere and mouthwatering dishes. It is also known for its excellent hospitality and polite staff. They serve a variety of alcoholic beverages and have an exceptional selection of cocktails that are sure to delight you!

Located in the Park Hotel, Pasha is a Persian style nightclub that has become a favorite amongst its patrons. It is a trendy hangout that has plush divans and cushions hidden behind Persian drapes. You can also lounge on the LED dance floor to its upbeat beats.

This plush bar is a famous party destination and hosts a number of themed parties such as Karaoke night, retro night, ladies night, Bollywood night etc. You can try out the jager bombs and tequila shots here.

The bar counter here has a range of alcohols and wines to choose from. It also serves a wide variety of grilled foods including fish, beef and chicken wings. You can also choose to have your meal inside the restaurant or on an outdoor terrace.

Moreover, the bar offers a delicious spread of appetizers and snacks to keep your hunger at bay. You can also opt to have a full meal and then indulge in some of the delicious desserts offered here.

There is a variety of drinks to choose from here, and you can also have some of the most exotic cocktails such as Melon Bellini and Cilantro Margarita. These are sure to make your night a memorable one!

It is one of the top pubs in the city and has a great range of alcoholic drinks. They also offer a variety of snacks and pizzas to complement your drink. It is also one of the most affordable nightclubs in Chennai and you can even take advantage of their happy hour to save some money!

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